Interior Design was founded by Harry V. Anderson in Manhattan in 1932.[2] He was also the publisher and editor of the magazine, which temporarily ceased publication during World War II.[2] Following the war Anderson and John Hay Whitney of Whitney Communications Company relaunched the magazine.[2] In 1959 the company became the sole owner of Interior Design.[2] Harry V. Anderson served as the editor and publisher until 1969.[2]

The other editors have included Donald D. Macmillan;[3] Sherman R. Emery, from 1960 to 1983;[4] and Stanley Abercrombie. The current editor is Cindy Allen. In 1984 Cahners Publishing, later Reed Business Information, bought the magazine from Whitney Communications Company.[5] Sandow Media acquired the magazine in March 2010.[6] The magazine is headquartered in New York City.[7]