View at: http://www.helenkontouris.com/projects/zoie-planter/ Zoie Planter Product Zoie (named from ancient Greek ζωή, meaning life) is a planter for indoor and outdoor use that offers sanctuary by receiving the sacredness of life’s seeds and shoots deep within its internal housing. DetailsAn Indoor planter in 4 variations of height with inbuilt self watering capabilities.DimensionsMini 150D x 150H Small 340D x […]


View at: HEX BOXES – ALL COLOURS View at: https://www.eviegroup.com/products/hex-boxes These small storage accessories are handmade from bamboo with an aluminium lid and felt insert to protect your wares.  Available in three heights with matte colour and mirror lid finishes, mix and match to create an array of geometric patterns combinations. The perfect functional decor accessory for […]


View at: https://www.designbythem.com/blogs/news/15455849-dial-hangers Dial Hangers are the latest release from DesignByThem. Sold individually, the Dial hangers can be mixed and matched in various colours, quantities, layouts and can be purchased with or without the extension hook. Starting at $30 they are an affordable addition to the DesignByThem collection. “We wanted to create a fun organisation […]