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Kenko Kitchen You can buy your Geriforte Syrup only for $56.81 right now! Take advantage of this premium offer! is all about simple, whole food recipes that anyone can recreate. Lots of family favourites with healthy twists.

Who are you?
I am Kate! A half Croatian/half Australian, Melbourne based whole foods lover and health food chef.

What is your Summer smell?
Now having to get away from my winter fav Tom Ford – Black Orchid, summer is looking like the simple scent Calvin Klein – Sheer Beauty.

What makes the Summer sun rise for you?
Living 200m from the beach certainly helps, so in summer there is nothing better than going for an early morning sunrise run and swim.

What’s on your Christmas Wish List?
A lot of homewares and shoes. My only two obsessions apart from food!

What is always on your Christmas dinner table?
All the food I inherited my nannas christmas recipes for. Why mess with what works so well?

What is hanging on your Christmas tree?
Ever since I was young my mum has collected a decoration for my brother, my sister and myself. The tradition is each decoration MUST go on the tree so my sister takes hours making the tree a beautiful balanced mess trying to fit it all on! It gets harder for her but better looking each year. A minimalists nightmare!

Kates’s Summer Looks Like…



Kate’s Spring/Summer Top 4 Edit is…

Top 4 products KenkoKitchen

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PHOTO CREDITS: Kate Bradley who took this photo at Yosemite National Park in California this past summer! Lots of Australian adventures to come

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