Lab De Stu

The multi award-winning Melbourne design collective LAB DE STU was first created in 2011 by designers Adam Lynch, André Hnatojko, Dale Hardiman & Nico Evans. Although first a design studio, it quickly morphed into the design collective it is know as today, expanding and investing into the Australian and international design industries via exhibiting, exhibition design and creative consulting all while producing experiments and products as a part of our individual and accumulated knowledge.

André Hnatojko has received world recognition for his first commercial release, the POPPER light, due to its exploration into form and weight but also for the simple sustainable elements & efficiency placed into POPPER and its production. André blames his early love of LEGO for his clean/experimental aesthetics and human interaction to produce humorous & honest design relevant to the future. Andre is currently experimenting with the bonding morphs between two unlikely materials and technology efficiency via pushing lighting technology to its very limits to produce efficiency with new installations and products being released mid year as a result.

Adam Lynch, an industrial designer, explores the possibilities of creating 3-dimensional products through the manipulation of 2-dimensional materials. Lynch’s work emphasises the use of modern technologies to achieve his products. Lynch’s design philosophy: simplifying my furniture to the bare essentials without compromising on its aesthetic values, while minimising materials and processes used to ensure that a sustainable outcome is achieved.