Douglass & Bec // Lighting

We are beyond excited for the New Zealand based designers Douglas & Bec that have released an incredible custom lighting range. This range has been installed in Hawaii at the Ritz and we are in love! New pieces have also been added to the furniture range. Bearing the initials of its designer, Rebecca Dowie, The […]

Ohkii Studio // Giveaway

We sit down with New York based Angela Mckay to tell us more about the amazing work she has done at Ohkii Studio.. How did Ohkii Studio evolve? I had been thinking of starting my own thing for a while but found it tricky whilst I was working full time. After I moved to the […]

Just In // Papaya

The gorgeous Papaya Home Wares have just released the most beautiful collection for Winter that creates a harmonious fusion between the unspoiled beauty of raw materials and the understated clarity of contemporary design. The luxurious and durable collection comprises elegant designs that consider comfort across bathroom, living, kitchen and bedding home décor. Beautifully crafted and […]

Mad about Mudgee

We hope you had a fabulous Easter break and hopefully had a chance to experience some down time. We took a vacation to Mudgee and I cannot believe I have never visited before. I have always spoken about going and didn’t realise just how close it was. Leaving early Friday morning was the key with […]

Feature Designer // Kyle Schuneman

Where did design begin for you? Growing up in downtown Chicago in a 1200 square foot apartment with my family I saw my mom solve a lot of problems through design. Not only was I in a city full of amazing architecture that was always inspiring but I saw how good design could be more […]

Breakfast Time // Bali

While we did have breakfast included in our accommodation when visiting over Christmas/New Years, I couldn’t help adventuring and tasting all the delicious food on offer. Breakfast for me is my favourite part of the day and I can be swooned by a dreamy bowl of Granola any day! We tried a number of places […]

Dreaming of Greece

It has almost been a year since I was visiting Greece and I am already becoming nostalgic. I recently found this home up for sale and started day dreaming, so I thought I would share with you some of the amazing properties that can be found hidden in the hills for all of us to […]

Milly Dent // Ceramics

We have just found the talented Millie Dent who is Australian based creator that extended her knowledge and skills in Montreal. Marble is a top interior accent at the moment and Milly takes her craft and uses the swirls and textures to create the most stunning pieces. From here the accent of Indigo is another […]

Blushing over Curios Grace

We are excited about the new additions to Curious Grace which pays tribute to the colour of the year Rose Quartz. Both the Landscape & Hold sofa are a stunning new range that has everyone at Idh wanting to swap our sofa’s for a bit of blush in the home. See more here.

Wish List // YSL Gardens

Before visiting Morocco I had little knowledge of what to see and do. At the time, I thought I had a good plan in place with how to enjoy the Marrakech experience and once immersed in the culture – I soon learnt we had much more to see. One of these experiences was the YSL […]